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Seed funding high-potential startups

AIC provides high-potential startups the seed capital and resources they need to start up and succeed.

Here’s what we do to help startups succeed

We help startups raise seed capital from a consortium of senior professionals, entrepreneurs and investors.

AIC looks at investing between INR25 lacs and INR 50 lacs with the intent of preparing the startup for Series A funding. Startups with higher capital need are also considered, often as a co-investment with other investor groups.

We bring together an eco-system to help startups succeed.

Capital is a necessary but not sufficient condition for success of a startup. Hence, the AIC model is to provide winning entrepreneurs access to mentoring, business incubators knowledge & learnings, support services and resources through our partnerships and networks.

AIC‘s goal is to create wealth for high-potential entrepreneurs and angel investors by increasing the chances of success of investee companies.

Our criteria for selection is stringent. However, once shortlisted, AIC leverages resources, our networks and partnerships to help entrepreneurs succeed.

Our Business Incubation Partner

Helping professionals and entrepreneurs become angel investors

Angel Investors Consortium is a platform for senior professionals and entrepreneurs to make small-ticket angel investments in high-potential startups by co-investing along with other professionals, entrepreneurs and investors.

We identify, and present investment opportunities to our members to collaboratively invest in.
AIC also conducts workshops to help new investors understand the dynamics of angel-investing like due diligence, valuation, evaluating companies, etc., and thus helps them become more effective investors and mentors.

To know more about Angel Investors Consortium, write to us at info@angelinvestorsconsortium.com